Friday, January 30, 2009

Mixed Spiel, Game 1

This weekend I am participating in Seattle Granite Curling Club's Mixed Bonspiel 2009. I am playing with Mike Calcagno, Christina Pastula, and Peter Sommer. Our game was against the Cornsmiths (David and Linda Cornfield, Greg Smith and Kim Hitchcock).

I started off a little nervous. Christina was caught in some Ballard traffic, and I ended up playing vice skip for the 1st end. Lucky for me, Mike made some great shots where the line was easy to read.

In the 8th end, Peter got a double, and we ended up with the free pitcher of beer for our draw.

It was a great game. We tied at the end of the 8th end, and it went into a shoot out. Our team won by 1 inch. (20 inches away from the button). Mike's split was 3.71, and although the ice was keen, it needed some extra help. Christina pitched in to help us drag it the last few inches.

Our next game is against the "Wolves". Jake Vukich's team at 11:00 am.

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