Tuesday, January 06, 2009

One day until regionals begin!

One day until regionals begin.

I spent almost 2 days trying to track someone down who would open the club so my women's team could practice. I tried to get our team a key to the club, but we were told that we could only get a key if we made nationals. Since there are so many competitive teams, we could reach out to them about practicing the same time. However, very few of the people with keys post their practice times.

Yesterday evening, we had our team had the first practice together since December. It was a good practice. We put on our fancy new jackets and looked awesome. :D
We also received a positive comment from a Colorado men's team that was practicing. He said that we had good rhythm together, and wondered how long we had been playing together.

The Colorado team that was practicing put together a team 18 months ago. None of them had ever curled before. Sound familiar? They've been playing together longer than we have, but we've played on better ice.

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