Friday, January 09, 2009

2009 Regional Qualifiers, Day Two

Today has been a long, tough day.

We played our first game at 8 am against Gervais (from North Dakota). They were a really tough team, and we shook after 6 ends. After playing Gervais and Clark, I think Gervais is the team to beat. They were very consistent in their shots.

This evening we played against Hufman. This game was a heart breaker. We battled back and forth, Hufman scoring 1 point here, 1 point there for 3 point leads. Team Coleman would fight back with a 3 point end. We finished the 9th end in the lead by 1 point.Hufman had hammer in the 10th end, and came back to tie the score up. We went into an extra end, the 11th, and just couldn't get the point. Hufman won by 2.

It's been an awesome experience so far. Jan and Jerry, Jeremy's aunt and uncle came to cheer us on in our first game against Clark. Team Reynolds from Colorado sat behind sheet 5 during our 3rd game and cheered us on. We received tons of email and facebook messages us from people sending us their love and support.

Tomorrow at 8 am, we play our last game against Cloutier. Then finally, we get to take some time out and what some incredible curling.

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