Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Men's Spiel and Beyond

This past weekend was the Men's Spiel. 20 teams participated.

Saturday morning started off with breakfast burritos to support the juniors going to nationals. Not sure if it was a good thing letting (forcing?) Derrick, Joe, and Sam into the kitchen. Apparently only Derrick can cook.

After breakfast, I headed home to make 3 batches of cookies and finish the pumpkin bars I made for the spiel, so they would have dessert. After all that baking, I made a quick visit to the club to drop everything off, and headed over to Joe and Mary Alice's for some Paella.

Jeremy's team lost 2 games, won a third game to stay in the C bracket. In the end, they fell to Joe Fox's team.

Sunday, Gravity got a trip to Marymoor park and the pet store at Redmond Town Center. I picked up some extra clothes at REI for Club Nationals, but that was it for my down time. We had late draw against the Pleasants team, and lost in the 8th end. Mike threw a shot that knocked out our own rock, leaving them with 4 in the house.

This morning, I found an article on the Beighton team from my RSS feed in the Devil's Lake Journal.


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