Sunday, January 04, 2009

Swinger's night, Mixed League

Tonight was swinger's night in our mixed league. We swapped out all the teams so we could play with different curlers. I played with Doug Kaufman, Karen Potter, and Joe Benson. We lost to Knieval, David Booth, Kim Smith, and Christina P (who I normally play with).

After the 4 end game, I ran upstairs to help get the food ready. Jeremy made his award winning chili. Christina made a chicken chili that was very tasty. I spent a lot of time baking yesterday: jalapeno cornbread, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake, and chocolate peanut butter oatmeal no bake cookies. (Some of the cookies will go to Monday night's potluck).

Lots of people left as soon as the games were over because it was snowing and sticking. A few of us hung out and chit chatted. Joel pointed out that the Hufman team wasn't listed on the practice email that had gone out. Derrick called Vicky, and found out that the Hufman team wouldn't be here in time for the practice or team meeting. Interesting things to know.

We finally left the club. Jeremy was brushing snow off the car, when I surprised him with a sneak attack and launched some snow at him.

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