Sunday, October 12, 2008

A series of unfortunate events.

After I got rear ended, a couple of Fridays ago, my week continued to be filled with misfortune.

The person who invited me to be on her team for Superleague forgot that she had soccer league on Tuesdays. Then another person bailed, leaving Beth and myself hanging. Due to our lack of experience, there really isn't anyone interested in picking us up. This is the second time Beth and I have been flaked on. Feeling really cautious about dealing with the women at the club now.

Thursday, I took my car in for an estimate to have the bumper fixed. Easy enough to do. As I tried to leave, my car battery died. As luck would have it, there was a place around the corner that had time to do a load test and verify it was the battery only and replace it.

Friday, my laptop decided to have some battery problems. Around noon, I was invited to eat with some coworkers. They joked about revoking the invitation, due to the cloud of destruction that hung around me. We ate lunch...nothing happened. However, as I tried to get into the car, the person next to us decided to pull out. She caught her side view mirror on the inside of his car door and left a black scratch.

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