Friday, October 03, 2008

Rear Ended

So I was rear ended about an hour ago on 405 Northbound, by exit 17.

The lady that rear ended me apologized profusely, and said it was her fault, as she was looking down at a paper for directions.

It kind of sucks that it was rainy wet. My pen was not water proof, and the ink smeared. I need to remember to keep one of those Pemco forms in my car, to remember all that needs to be filled out. All that adrenaline, how can someone remember every piece of info they need to get?

Anyways, I have her State Farm Insurance policy number, and her agent name. I called and the first person said I didn't have enough information. The second time I called, I had an agent from my insurance company on the line, and they filed a claim for me.

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Kel said...

Aaargh, that sucks! Are you okay? No jolted neck or anything? I know what you meant about the adrenalin, and knowing all the right things to ask. Poor you! Take care of yourself, sometimes you can feel shocked for awhile.