Monday, October 13, 2008

On the sheet, next to Learn to Curl 1

Jeremy was instructing in the Learn to Curl 1 class this evening with Greg R and Derrick M. While the class was going on, I took a photo through the glass, and made a quick post to Facebook. I went out and practiced a couple of slides on the ice, and noticed there was a notification on my iPhone. Jill L asking "Is it worthwhile coming up, or is it too busy?" I went to the club office, called her up and told her to come on over. The wonders of social networking.

Beth C arrived shortly after the phone call. We threw a few rocks, but mostly worked on balance. I did a set of angels down the sheet and back. Jill L, her husband, and Barb the club president came out to practice for a bit. By 8 pm, we were all pretty tired. I went to change and sat on the other side of the glass and watched Jill L and Beth throw a few more rocks.

As the Learn to Curl class finished up, Sara S showed up for some Mixed Doubles practice with Jeremy. I ended up being asked to play a few ends with them. With a big sigh (like they had to twist my arm very hard), I went and changed back into my curling gear. Mixed Doubles definitely is out of my comfort zone. I'm still thinking at the Lead and second level. I'm not really into strategy yet. Too many things like balance and line of delivery to think about. Derrick had a weird bobble/really off balance delivery, but I give him props for his recovery. If a person watching had missed the bobble, they might not have realized what caused the delivery to be off.
Jeremy and Sara ended up beating us 5 to 2, through 4 ends.

My legs are tired and my bad knee is super sore. Icy hot to the rescue! Debating on whether or not to practice tomorrow, or clean house for our guest that is coming in on Friday. If I don't get to clean tomorrow, my next chance is Thursday evening. I'm helping out as an instructor for the rental on Wednesday evening. Zzzzzzz.

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