Sunday, October 12, 2008

Friday Night Curling League Begins

Curling season is definitely here again.

It was nice to see everyone, and there were many new faces on Friday.

I talked to Jim Pirie for a few minutes in the locker room, telling him that I had been working on balance drills during the pre-season practice ice. Derrick walked in on the middle of the conversation, and I used that moment to tease him with the story about how he helped me with my balance drills (and I got bonked on the nose). I started the story, and he pretended to turn around and walk away in shame.

With our third not being available for this Friday, I was able to get Derrick to sub for out team. Joe's (Our Friday league manager) sense of humor made itself apparent as we found out who our opponents were. We were playing the Galey's...the team that Jeremy and I had played on last year. They picked up another two first years Christine and Nick.

I was very please with my take out shots, especially my last two. However, I did make a couple of really horrid shots. Derrick also gave me a couple of sweeping pointers. The advice seems to have helped my stabilization on my weak side.

Anyways, it was sad. We lost 4 to 2. Christine and Nick threw rocks, like... a couple of first years. However they managed to make their shots in the last end, sealing their victory. Sigh.
My competitive game face is on, and I can't wait until next week.

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Neil said...

Glad to hear your takeouts are going well. We'll need 'em on Modnay league!