Friday, July 11, 2008

Tonight's scotch party was a success!

Today was an interesting day. The new iPhone launched. Jeremy did not manage to obtain one. He went to the AT&T store at Bellevue Square. The AT&T store ran out of the 16 gig model, and Jeremy chose not to go to the really long line at the Apple store.

Around 11:45 AM, during my lunch, I walked by to see how the line was. The line was still disgustingly long. I continued on my way and purchased 3 shirts at Nordstrom. After I tried them on at home, I have decided I like 2 of the 3 shirts. Jeremy does not like one of the shirts that I really like.

This evening we had our heavily anticipated Scotch party. Chris O, Mary Alice and Joe B, Dani and Bob T, and Darryl and his wife Lisa attended. Jeremy and I were able to taste a few scotches that we had not previously had before. Mary Alice and Joe very generously brought and left a bottle of Erde..(?)

Jeremy is currently sobering up. Tomorrow we will make a trip to the Apple store for new iPhones. We were also invited to go to the Tivoli celebration in Ballard. Jeremy will most likely go, but I will be at home. Tomorrow my friend Maya will be joining Marisa and I at the Tractor Tavern to see the Red Elvises!

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