Saturday, July 19, 2008

Old photos, report cards, awards, and ribbons!

I went to dim sum with my mom, grandmother, two aunts, uncle and cousin today. As always, it was very tasty. Nom nom nom.

When I went back to my mother's house afterwards, she saddled me with all of my old school photos, report cards, and awards. I have track photos dating from 4th grade. Report cards from junior high. A few drawings of people.

The most intriguing is a fun letter from a Michael P Sweet. I cannot remember if it was from junior high or high school, but it is very entertaining to read. It talks about cockroaches, has a code to write back in, and some drawings. The edges of the paper have bite marks on it. Very creative. I wonder where he went to.....

Anyways, when I get a chance, I will scan some of the photos in, and you can laugh at my permed hair and ballet photos.

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