Sunday, February 24, 2008

Last place in the 5 and under Bonspiel.

Well, I'm fairly disappointed to say, that Team Pirie took the booby prize in this years 5 and under. We played fairly well in the first round robin, and ended up in the S bracket, as S-3. From there, we couldn't hold it together, starting with our first game, where we got skunked 9 - 0. It continued to fall apart from there.

However, we had a most excellent time, and came away with this lovely parting gift of chocolate truffles. It was pretty amusing, considering I was wearing a pig fleece hat. It was as little disappointing that nobody else chose to do anything funky for the bonspiel. Jim's wife Sahara, wore her kitty cat knitted hat, but that was pretty much it.

After the bonspiel, I lost the first game I skipped in the novice league by two points. However, I did have a big 3rd end, where we scored 6 points. One of the ends we lost was followed by the the advice "Never attempt to follow a perfect draw with another perfect draw."

We hung around for the first draw on the mixed league, as Jeremy was subbing for Ian. I picked up Gravity after we dropped Derek off, and then my hubby. Lots of other cool things that I am missing, but I am just too tired. Oh, and there were many hat compliments. Mostly "Nice hat." Not sure if they were sarcastic "Nice Hats" or if they really meant it, but comments just the same.

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