Monday, August 24, 2009

Vacation Day 1

We left home early in the morning and stopped off in Bellingham to eat at Casa que Pasa. Nom nom nom potato burritos. Jeremy purchased a little buddy to appear in photographs.

From there we raced to Tsawwassen Ferry at 12:45. We made it with room to spare! We passed our time playing cribbage. I was feeling headachy and headed to the car for a nap.

We drove to Nanaimo first and wandered around attempting to play our favorite game STP, but they were all in hiding. We heard some music from the Nanaimo Jazz festival, walked along their boardwalk area and saw a jellyfish. The boys ate Nanaimo bars in Nanaimo, while I settled for a soft serve ice cream cone.

Our suite at the Beach Club Resort is pretty luxurious. 2 rooms, 3 washrooms, and a kitchenette and entertainment area. Phat!

We walked to the local pizza joint for dinner and were annoyed by some tweens that kept running and biking around. I found some Merrydale Cider at the LCBO and we got breakfast fixings at the grocery store.

I ended my evening with a nice long soak in the ginormous bathtub and the complimentary bath salts.

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