Monday, August 24, 2009

Camp Day 1

Camp didn't start until noon, so we started out with a quick trip to Qualicum. We stopped by a chocolate store for a piece of chocolate that Joel financed due to lack of Canadian funds, and a trip to the hardware store to find a screw/nail for Jer's little photo buddy.

Camp started with registration and lunch. Lunch was ham or turkey sandwiches, salad, and fruit. I saw a few people returning from last year.

This year there were 56 people, up from last year's 32. While there are more instructors, it does feel just a tad bit crowded at times. Example, we started out with some mini games, and are rotating through 6 person teams.

After 4 ends, we had some off ice instruction about the curling delivery. When we headed back to the ice there were 3 different stations that we rotated through.

Our first station was sweeping. The most interesting thing about it, is that this year they are teaching closed sweeping.

The second station was set up. Getting in the hack and getting but not sliding up.

The third station was balance. We practiced the drill in pairs. It was the drill that I wasn't balanced enough for last season, and got smacked in the nose with when I let go of the broom.

Dinner was fairly tasty. Salad, a dinner roll, beans, rice, and chicken.

Then came Welcome Night!! Last year I won nothing from Welcome night. This year I won THREE items. The first item I won from having the largest denomination of bill in my purse. It was a 50,000 dollar from Indonesia. I've had that squirreled away for more than 7 years. When I came across it cleaning last year, I put it in my purse, wondering if they would play the same question this year. My prize was a curling pin. Then, when we were getting in line for another game they had, I sneezed. I won an impromptu "Weirdest sound that a camper has ever made." I won another pin.

My third prize was from ROCK bingo. I had actually decided that I couldn't win it, looking at the different questions that were asked. Someone who had won the same kitchen appliance at a bonspiel. Someone who has the same middle name. Someone whose parents had the same name. Joel pointed out that Jeremy and I had a pet with the same name. With that, I filled out quickly someone who went to the same college, someone who had the same allergy, someone who had stolen 5 points in a game, and someone who had a pet with the same name. Booyah! The prize for that was a little gift that the couple of Japanese people that came to camp brought.

Since then, we've hung out at the hot tub and been terrorized by overactive children in the hotel swimming pool. Just chilling out after a mellow half day.

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