Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Camp Day 2 and 3

This year has been quite a bit different. There has only been one day of mini games so far. Mostly drills. Lots of off ice instruction and on ice instruction where you don't get to throw a lot of rocks.

However I feel that the video analysis has been stronger, as we were also offered drills to correct the issues that they talked about in our deliveries.

My sliding foot comes over too fast and too far over. I was recommended to start with my slider foot a little farther out.

Once again, not a lot of people volunteering to skip. I've stepped up to the plate a couple of times, even though I like sweeping. A couple of times, when we've been unorganized, I've also said a few things to get everyone moving. I hate standing around being unorganized and wasting time.

Jeremy and Joel are still at party night. I gave up after the first karaoke song broke out.

I thought Jeremy and Joel were coming back for the nightly dip in the hot tub. Apparently they went out to the pub with the instructors. I would have liked to have hung out with them too. Oh well.

A soak in the bath tub and off to bed it is then.

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