Sunday, August 02, 2009

Some good, some bad.

Had a not so great week, but a pretty good weekend.

Monday night, bridge night was cancelled in favor of a Seattle Mariners game that Paula got four tickets to. Joe, Paula, Paula's father, and I went. The M's started off okay, then completely blew it. Joe and I gave up and left after the 7th inning, as we had the farthest to go.

I hoped to have a quick drive home, but got stuck in some nasty traffic. I-5 Northbound had closed 3 lanes. 520 didn't look bad, so I crossed a couple of lanes to take the exit. Less than 5 seconds after I passed the Montlake exit, I came to a complete stop. Stop and go traffic on 520. I sat in the same spot for more than 10 minutes. Boo.

Thursday night the air conditioner went wonky. I lucked out and scored a repair man on Friday. Good news, we cleaned the air filter and added some refrigerant and all is well. Bad news - we seem to have a refrigerant leak and need more work in the off season (early September).

Saturday Jeremy headed off to bike around Lopez Island with Jeff W and Thomas. Maya and I headed off to the Urban Craft Uprising. That was fairly fun. We spent about an hour browsing the booths. I picked up a cool resin pendant with a lady bug embedded in it. Maya picked up a bag of neat looking buttons.

From the Urban Craft Uprising we went to the International District to sample cajun food from The Crawfish King. Nom Nom Nom. We had clams, prawns, and crawfish! It was the lowest spiciness level, but still at the top of mine.

After lunch, we stopped by Molly Moon, and miraculously there was a short line. We got ice cream in less than 15 minutes! I was staring off into space when the guy standing next to me started talking to me. "I don't have a foot fetish, I'm just looking at the designs on her toenails." Which caused me to look at this lady's large feet that had toenail polish and daisies.

He gave us the low down on only having ONE scoop of ice cream, and splitting the flavours, and making sure the stronger flavor was on the bottom. We had bowls instead of cones, so didn't have to worry about that. I asked him what flavor he was going to try, and he said "Thai Iced Tea". I said, I thought about tasting that. "Tell you what, I'll taste it and you can look at my face to see what I think of it." I have a photo of him after tasting it. Maya ended up with Vanilla Bean and Thai Iced Tea. I ended up with Strawberry Balsamic and Thai Iced Tea. I sampled the Salted Caramel, but was not a fan.

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