Sunday, December 16, 2007

Working on my delivery.

1. Hips back (don't move the head)
2. Pull the rock back
3. Pull slider foot back
4. Rock forward
5. Slider foot forward.

We lost our game today in the novice league. Drank our beer, had some snacks. There was quite a bit of practice ice. So, while Jeremy was drinking beer, and chatting with Wayne, I went downstairs to sheet 3 to ask if I could practice with Derek and Steve.

Derek broke the delivery into 5 steps for me. I think it helped quite a bit. I also need to remember to keep my arm straight. Not pull the rock back, or push it forward.

Putting captions to yesterday's photos, while Gravity snuggles with me, and I watch The Bourne Ultimatum with Jeremy.

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