Saturday, December 15, 2007


I'm at Jeremy's cousin's house in Bellingham. Brian and Jeremy are out getting food. I'm here with Gravity our beagle. She got a chance to meet Jessie, Brian and Heather's puppy a little while ago. Jessie is on her way to the vet, due to a bladder infection.

Gravity is whining like crazy. She does not care for the fact that there are gates up, when there's a whole house to sniff and check out. I think she also doesn't like the fact that she can't see outside, like at home. Make sure theres no squirrels invading her space.

Jeremy and I had the late draw, at the curling club last night. We only played 6 ends, as we were winning 12 to 2, against Team Smith. I'm pleased with my consistency. No hogged rocks. Only one through the house in the 4th end.

We didn't get to sleep until after 2 am, because we stayed late, learning to play dominoes. 42 is an interesting game. Looking forward to more practice.

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