Sunday, December 02, 2007


Lots of curling this week.

Friday we had a draw. We were ahead by three, and ended up tying. Knocked our own rock out of the house. It was quite a shame. On the other hand, they bought the beer. Someone from another table dropped off the last of their Wee Heavy. I've included a terrific photo of Bob T drinking out of a pitcher.

Saturday was crazy. Jeremy and I had volunteered to help at the open house. 60 people signed up. 200 people showed up. It was an absolute mad house. I was supposed to be an assistant instructor. Because the groups were so huge 14 and 18 people, I ended up taking half of each group and teaching them on the other side of the sheet. Sometime during the open house, it started to snow.

Chris dropped by in the evening for scotch, dinner, and to watch the Huskies lose. Talk about a shame. The Huskies were ahead, and gave up the game. They also had a chance to tie in the last 30 seconds of the game, and almost did. A dropped pass in the end zone, which was then picked up by Hawaii ended those hopes.

Still have a few dishes to do before novice league today.


Kel - away from Kel's Space and lookin' at yours! said...

I am very impressed with all this curling - as a Canadian I should know more about it! What was the open house about? What were you teaching?

Ellen Lyn said...

Hey Cyndi!
Looks like you are really curling now, Bay-bay! Love the snow pics--I'm sooo jealous. No snow here, just rain!