Saturday, March 14, 2009

We won the Bronze at the 2009 Club Nationals!!!

Yeah, baby!

Team Coleman pulled it off. We beat Wisconsin 10 - 7 in 10 ends to take the bronze medal.

Doug Kauffman was added to our line card this morning as coach, and came out during a time out for some advice.

Both teams missed some crucial shots, and both teams made some phenomenal shots.

We have had an amazing time. We made friends all over the place, with other teams, officials, the ice crew and other volunteers. It also helped to have the Washington men's team cheering for us in the warm room.

The skip of the Minnesota 1 team commented on how Gabrielle was one of the better skips out there.

Their lead was happy that they could finally listen to music in the car again. Apparently they had been listening to music in the car when they lost to us and Massachusetts, and were stuck with silence afterwards.

We supported the local LMP after the game, had a few drinks, schmoozed with some teams. Back at the hotel, off to dinner, the hot tub, and some more partying, cause dammit, we deserve it!!

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