Friday, March 27, 2009

Getting ready for the weekend.

Tonight is the last Friday league games.

The team that I play on is sitting in first place, set to win crystal (a glass coffee mug, champagne flute, or what not). We will be playing Galey, the team Jeremy and I were on last year (in which we won the league).

I'm a little worried about my knee. It gave me some problems at the tankard last week.

I hope I've adjusted to the ice. Going from 26 second ice to 22ish second ice is a huge difference. Maybe not so much when one has only played a couple of games on it...but my team had played 11 games over 7 days in Utica.

Tomorrow, we are getting up way too early to drive to the Langley Curling club, where we'll be playing in their novice bonspiel. Only in Canada can you put together a team of less than 25 years of experience and have it be novice. Seems a little funny coming out of Club Nationals (mid level event) with a Bronze Medal.

Trying to cram as much curling in as I can before the end of the season. Yah!

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