Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We definitely put the right people in the right rooms together.

The vegetarians on one side, the carnivores on the other.

The geeks on one side, the reality TV watchers on the other.

Over the last couple of days, Beth and I have been blogging on http://www.teamcoleman.net, Facebook, and etc. Gabrielle and Sara have been watching Cheaters and some crazy show about an anorexic neo Nazi.

Could use some more sleep. We have Game 4 in a couple of hours. Its our lone game today. Then we get more sleep (YAH!!) and then the banquet. We are hoping to keep our attendance at the banquet short, so we can then sleep (more sleep). Game 5 is at an oh too early 5 am.

Including last night's zombie photo shoot.

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