Saturday, March 14, 2009

Back from the last Utica hot tub trip!

Last team trip to the hot tub in the Radisson at Utica, NY.

The tub was especially chlorinated today.

We recapped how cool it was for Gabrielle to be congratulated on our game by Patti Lank. Patti was the webcaster for the Minnesota 1 vs Massachusetts game.

Talked about how incredible it was to have made it as far as we did. We're second and third year curlers. We came out of the round robin as the #1 team to beat. We took the bronze medal. We also beat all the teams in the finals at least once. Go Team Washington!!

Then two very drunk men stopped by to chat with us. They were here for the fly fishing conference.

On their way out to crash a wedding party here, you could hear their conversation.

Drunk #1 "They are totally hot!"
Drunk #2 "Bar glasses, dude."
Drunk #1 "No, they are totally hot!"
Drunk #2 "Bar glasses...Let's crash the wedding party."
Drunk #1 "Am I married?"


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