Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back from Newport, Oregon.

We are back from our roadtrip to Newport, Oregon.

We left last Wednesday evening. Jeremy and I drove to Edmonds, where we then took the ferry over to Kingston. We pulled into Westport around 11 pm. In the morning, we walked out to the beach for a brief amount of time. It was a short trip to the beach, because it was fairly cold and wet.

Thursday, we stopped at the Astoria Brewing Co for lunch. The beer was tasty and the food ok. Jeremy's burger was much better than my grilled fish, which was dry and tough. We walked around Astoria afterwards, picked up a new pair of shoes for Jer. Drove up to the column, to find it was closed for renovations. :P

Our next stop was in Pacific City, to visit the Pelican Brew Pub. The food that I had was better than in Astoria. The beach was sunny, the pub was hopping. We watched some unsuccessful surfers for a time. We were hoping to stay at the hotel across from the pub, but no such luck. It was completely booked up.

Because the inn across from the Pelican was booked, we drove down to a bed and breakfast in Lincoln City. We quickly settled in, and then drove to the McMenamins. As it so happened, it was Thirsty Thursday, where the brewer was there handing out samples of his fine beer. He had a CenteniAle - his 100th batch of beer that he had brewed there. My favorite of the night, ended up being their seasonal.

The next morning, we had a very yummy, but fattening breakfast. Shirley cooked up croissants with canadian bacon, sliced boiled egg, an herb sauce, and some cheddar cheese. There was also a delicious blackberry juice that they order from Schwann's. While we ate, there was an ornery seagull cawing outside for us to hurry up so he could have the scraps.

Moving on, we stopped off at the Tillamook Cheese factory. It was a very disappointing tour. Too crowded to really enjoy the visit.

We quickly left to reach our final destination in Newport, where I was able to visit with my friend Carey Jo. After getting a chance to see her humble abode and visit with her cat Gypsy, we went to the Rogue pub for lunch. We ate pulled pork sandwiches and drank lots of beer. Afterwards, we took a walk around the bay area...before heading back to the pub for more beer.

Carey Jo had to work that evening at the Aquarium. The Girl Scouts were having a sleepover in the aquarium. While she was at work, we headed to the Rogue Brewery and...drank some more beer. Jeremy and I went for a walk by the bridge after the consumption of beer and dinner. However, after the walk, Jeremy was again, lured by the siren call of Rogue beer, and back into the brewery we went.

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