Saturday, April 12, 2008

Last chance to curl.

We finished the 2nd game of the Last Chance Bonspiel. Team Eng-Dinsel has lost a game and won a game. Both games were shut outs.

Poor Jeremy has been home sick with the flu. Lots of people thinking of him, and saying Hi - get well soon. Or, in Betty's case "Hi, get well soon so you can drink all the beer!"

My raffle ticket for the 50/50 did not win money, but won some donated beer from Pyramid. I had gone to talk to Dani and Bob T for a bit, then left my 3 raffle tickets there. Dani won beer. She pulled the next ticket, which happened to be mine, so Bob went and got the beer. He pulled a ticket, and Leslie F, the skip of my team won beer. An amusing coincidence.

More about the weekend later. I need to get to sleep. I have to test at 1:00 am for work. :P

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