Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ready to pass out.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. No nap today. Been up since 1:40 am.

Here are the napkins I made against the apron that I finished last night.

I am very pleased at how both of them came out. The apron ties are a little shorter than I expected. Did the photocopy enlargening process fail somehow? Or is it just me. Probably just me.  

I met with my teammates Em and Elle today for coffee briefly. Just touching base on the upcoming season. Our newest member is currently on vacation in Montana.

Em and I are sometimes confused for each other at our local curling club, due to a lack of Asians in the sport as well as plain old inattentiveness. It is a running joke that we are 'twins'. We have a few interests and items that we share in common, such as a best friend named Maya. Different best friends, same name.

Today was amusing because we both baked and brought chocolate chip cookies sprinkled with salt to share with the team. We both brought out ziploc baggies with the goodies in them. 

Afterwards, I headed to Renton to hang out with my mother. We made a quick trip to the International District in Seattle to pick up what translates loosely into "Chinese tamales." If I were to spell the chinese word in English, the closest I can get is probably "jeung" or "joong".  There is tonal inflection that is involved that doesn't capture in text.  

I hung out with my mother and sister for a couple of hours and now am back home ready to pass out. Lots of things to do, but too dang tired to do any of it.

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