Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gah. Stalled out.

Stalled out on my sewing projects with my backstitch button broken on my Pfaff.  Crappy week for sewing. Two of my lesson canceled. With a third one probably to be called off as well due to a lack of a machine.

Tonight I was supposed to go to NW Bernina, but apparently they overbooked themselves. Sad that I was the one that they canceled on, but I guess I wasn't generating very much money. They were the ones that offered it on their website. How to use your older Bernina. I guess I'll just have to wing it.

My private Friday lesson was canceled due to a schedule conflict. Her work schedule was 11 - 7 pm, and I'm not willing to have a lesson after 7 pm on a Friday in Bellevue. Once I leave, I'm not going back.

Saturday's lesson is at Quality Sewing & Vacuum. I'll have to postpone it myself because of my Pfaff. Since that is the one that I bought from them a few years ago, that is the only one I can get a lesson on. Boo.

Including a photo of all the apples that I picked up off the ground tonight to throw in the yardwaste bin before I mowed the back yard.

I should go to sleep now. I need to finish throwing away some junk mail, and then I can snoozarooni.

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