Sunday, August 22, 2010

Aargh. No sleep for me.

I could not sleep at all last night. I can't understand why. I was and still am exhausted.

Yesterday we picked Ali up from the airport and the headed to Paseo for lunch. we then stopped by bothell bike and ski shop for jer to exchange a jersey.

We then stopped by home for a bit. Ali helped me pick towel colors for the bathroom. There was also some attempt at Yoga from
a DVD that Ali brought with her.

After Jer and Ali left for Bellingham, I stopped off in bothell for gas, returned some library books, and the test drove two different bicycles. I tested a hybrid and a basic road bike. I had planned to test a Felt bike today, but it is raining.

I drove to north bend to the gap outlet and picked up a pair of jeans they are no longer carrying at the regular store. the I went back to Bellevue to return all the bath towels from the day before and to buy the ones that we decided on.

finally, I stopped by joann's for a little fabric for my next project. I headed home just before 9 pm. I finished my apron and got some fabric cut for my napkin project.

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