Monday, July 05, 2010

4th of July weekend.

This weekend was fun and crazy. The very opposite of peaceful.

I started Saturday off by dropping Gravity at daycare at 7 am. I drove past North Bend to Rattlesnake Mountain trail, and hiked the Ledge trail by myself. It was the same trail I hiked with some friends the previous Saturday, but without a beagle to pull me up it. It took me an hour to get up. I was passed by a big buff guy carrying a cooler and another bundle. I was also passed by a man with a dog. At the top of the trail, I talked to the man with the dog. He was from Slovakia and now lives in the Kent area.

I drove home to get prepped up for Steve and April's Canada Day party. That is always a lot of fun. We were unable to go the previous year. Gravity was busy having seizures, and Jeremy went to hang out with some relatives. This year was no exception. There was badminton and street hockey. Jeremy managed to score a couple of goals in Birkenstocks and a big huge blister on his foot!

Sunday we drove to Heather's mothers place in Stanwood. It was cloudy, misty, and cold. We hid treasure bags for the kids. I hung out inside when I got too cold and had my feet kept warm by Ali the pitbull. She was a super sweet dog that was terrified of fireworks. There was lots of drinking, chatting, and hanging out by the bonfire. I made an attempt to eat a S'more and got it all over my fingers.

Today we hung out for the first part of the morning. I woke up early, but ended up catnapping several times. When we got home, I washed two loads of laundry, cleaned out the cars, washed dishes and weeded a small area of the lawn! Now headed out to play bridge. Busy busy!

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