Friday, February 26, 2010

Olympic Plush Challenge Submission

This is sandie the penguin. She kept seeing all of these visitors that were talking about the olympics. One day, she snuck out and found a keeper watching figure skating on tv. Sandie became entranced by it.

She wanted shoes of her own, but couldn't find any. She found some white children boots and jammed her webbed feet into them. Back in the penguin enclave, she pretends to glide around, with an occasional triple spin jump.

The visitors noticed sandie and her antics, and the penguin exhibit has become one of the most popular exhibits at our local zoo...

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Dan said...


The Texas Open Bonspiel is April 16-18 2010, the PIC is the following week 21-25.

Our club will have several teams at the Texas Open but I am not going. I curl on arena ice enough I don't want to pay more $ to curl on it again. Altho I did make an exception for the 50th SFBACC.

Sounds like you are not going to the PIC ?