Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Agile NW Conference

Attending the Agile NW Conference, courtesy of the company that I work at.

In the morning they started off with breakfast and opening ceremonies. Breakfast was full of carb-o-licious food I had to avoid. Pastries galore and beverages full of sugar. There was also a big huge bowl of fruit and large containers of coffee and hot water.

Opening ceremonies explained how open spaces forum worked. People put the topic that they wanted to present or discuss on a piece of paper with their name (they would run it) and then go to the microphone to announce it. I'm used to being in a class of people where no one raises their hand. There was a rush to pen and paper and topics spilling to both Tuesday and Wednesday were posted.

My two favorite sessions were my first two sessions. Both of them were interactive. Diana L presented "Where's My Key", about learning languages. She taught sign language, a kind of pidgin english. Today I still remember the items she taught us: What's that?, a stick, a rock, a black pen, a red pen, and one dollar.

The second session was presented by Chris Sims. He had three different agile 'games'. One where we estimated how many invitations we could make, the second passing around baseballs, and the third estimating how long it would take to eat various pieces of fruit.

Today, headed towards Day Two.

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