Sunday, February 07, 2010

Mixed Spiel done.

The 2010 Mixed Spiel is done. My team won the first two games, then lost with the last shot in the 8th end. My skip needed to hit and stick, and the rock over curled.

Today, my hubby took me to Mae's Cafe for breakfast. I had the Popeye omelet : Bacon, spinach, and some swiss cheese. I wasn't about to eat hashbrowns, so I agreed to grits on the side. I took one spoonful and decided that I don't like grits.

After breakfast we headed to the club for practice. The finals hadn't started yet. I ended up subbing on Charlie Smith's team, and we beat the opposing team 9 - 1 after 4 ends. The other team decided to shake.

Jeremy got a little practice in, working on his out turn. Then we stayed around to socialize and watch the final Scotties game, where Jennifer Jones took her 3rd championship in a row, beating out PEI.


Russell said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

My guess is you will be in Vancouver this month or watching the activities on TV. I will do my best to learn the rules of curling -- I have always found that a most interesting sport.

As mentioned in my post, I appreciate the energy and passion people bring to curling. It is all quite special really.

Take care.

Anonymous said...
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