Monday, January 11, 2010

Twas a weekend of curling!!

Had a fantastic weekend of curling. I am now paying for it by drinking cups of coffee to stay awake.

Saturday Beth, Sara and I drove up to Langley for some practice ice. We stopped off in Bellingham at Davinci's for some tasty philly cheesesteaks Nom Nom Nom. For those of you that are curious, Davinci's is located here:

1480 Electric Ave
Bellingham, WA 9822

I highly recommend the cheesesteak with hot sauce and cherry peppers.

At Langley we talked with Larry, the weekend ice maker and Allison. Allison swung by to open the store for us. I was a little sad. They were out of the gloves that I wanted and the horse hair broom heads.

Sunday Team Hambley, minus the Lysa and Em, played against Team Guzman, the team my husband is playing down with for Washington's Club National berth. It started out fantastic, with us scoring 3 in the first end. The second end was atrocious giving up 6 because I missed putting up a guard. We needed two sweepers to get the rock over the hog line. It was close, but not enough.

We left Gravity at home alone during our scrimmage. When we got home, she was stressed out, like she had a seizure, but we did not see the tell tale signs. Foam from foaming at the mouth. She got a nice walk after I got home.

After the walk, it was back to the club for our Mixed game. We ended up playing the full 8 ends and winning. I was pretty happy with how I played. Its nice curling again, after all that time being sick and time off due to holiday breaks.

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