Friday, January 22, 2010

Chocolate for choice, year 3

Thursday was an interesting day.

My friend Maya and I stopped by the Crawfish King and had a spicy Gulf Shrimp dinner before heading to the Chocolate for Choice event held by Naral.

I accidentally bumped my bench back into the table behind me. Because of it, I ended up having a 5 minute conversation with the older couple sitting there. They were very eager to talk about the different restaurants they had eaten at in the Seattle area, and the woman said how she used to volunteer at Naral many years ago.

We met Jonna and Lisa at Safeco Field. Inside we were browsing the silent auctions. I snagged a table for us (there were only 3 tables this year). Jonna bought a round of wine. We filled our plates full of chocolate and I placed a bid on an item in the silent auction, which I eventually won. Two 4 week lessons for learning to row for crew at Lake Union.

I went to buy the next round of wine and ended up being carded. When I brought out my license, the bartender looked at the date, looked at me and exclaimed, "Lookin' goooood!"

On the way home, I was driving behind a bus. The bus stopped less than a mile from my house. Two high school boys dropped off, threw their skateboards on the ground in front of them, then proceeded to pee in some poor homeowner's yard.

An interesting day.

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