Sunday, June 21, 2009

St Edwards Beer Fest 2009

This may be the first year Jeremy and I stayed until last call...

We had a lot of fun yesterday. Our non curling friends Tim, Maya, Mark and Lisa were there. Lisa was surprised by the Georgetown Brewery with her own beer, Lisa. A chocolate stout made with Theo's chocolate. It was very tasty and hard to get a sample of, because it was a special beer for WABL (washington beer lovers). Lisa hooked us up.

Bob and Dani and their son joined us a little while later. Just before they left Joel and his friends stopped by. We stayed until last call, and then staggered to our house to grill up some steaks.

There were some amusing conversations involving chipotle chili cashews (nuts) and Joel was talked to by security for standing on a picnic table.

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