Sunday, June 14, 2009

Itchy and tired.

It's been an incredibly busy weekend.

Friday Joel R came over and had steak/chicken with us for dinner.

Saturday, Jeremy had a board meeting for the calendar club, while I weeded and mowed the backyard. Afterwards, we headed over to Greg R's for a BYOCM (bring your own combustible materials) bonfire. We saw Phillip T, Benj, Mike C, Leon and his wife.

Jeremy got the fire started. The guys took a sledgehammer to an old dog house, there were a few fireworks - bees.., there were toasted marshmallows. There were also a few incredible leaps over the bonfire, which could have caused some singeing of some hairs. And there was an amusing Party til You Puke story that Greg told.

We didn't get home til almost 1 am. I woke up at 6 am to go for a walk with my Dad and Gravity. There was a nice park nearby. We saw a heron, a rabbit, and a hummingbird's nest. We also miscellaneous other birds.

I drove home and took a nap, before accompanying Jeremy to Marymoor park. Jer and Bob T kayaked from Marymoor to Redhook. When I got to Redhook, I bumped into some of the folks that had biked their last time : Richard B and John C.

Anyways, time to try and get some sleep. Avoid thinking about itchy mosquito bites. Arrrrrgh.

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Dan said...

Kerry Park y'all are so lucky to be living so close to Canada. Really - you get to curl all year if you wanted...and you can DRIVE up not fly like us Texans.

So is this a Mixed Open Womens Men's ?? I'm guessing Open...

Cheers and thanks for the comment.