Sunday, February 15, 2009

Practice ice at Langley

What did we do for Valentine's Day?

We drove up to the Langley Curling Club for practice ice.

When the Seattle Granite Curling Club is booked up for the weekend with rentals, leagues, and events, an obsessed curler can contact one of the Canadian curling clubs to see if they have practice ice to rent. Seattle only rents the whole club in 4 hour blocks. One can usually find a sheet in 2 hour blocks for about $60 Canadian.

I've rented ice at two Canadian clubs so far: Langley and Richmond. Both clubs have great ice and really nice people who work/volunteer there.

Yesterday, Jeremy and I had booked ice up at Langley. We found out a few other club members were heading up to Canada for the day and invited them to join us. This is Jiyung and Thomas' first year, Mijung's second year, and none of them had played on Canadian ice before.

Even though I knew it was the weekend of the Seattle - Langley Juniors Bonspiel, I was still surprised how many faces I recognized when we reached Langley. Wes Johnson, Sahara Pirie, and the Sweet family to name a few. It was great to see how many Seattleites were there.

I've included a few photos of that got a chance to practice at Langley and one photo of the juniors playing.

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