Sunday, February 08, 2009

Practice at Langley and Surrey Winterfest 2009

Yesterday, Beth, Sara and I drove up to Langley for some practice ice. The Seattle Granite Curling Club flooded this weekend.

Nigel, the club manager of Langley was bonspielling or out sick. We were greeted by Larry, instead. Larry was very friendly, and made sure our ice was all set up and ready to go at 11 am.
Gabrielle practiced with Cristin and Brady Clark on the sheet next to us. Larry apparently had not been informed about the Clark team coming up to practice, but luckily Gabrielle had her contract.

After a good practice, we headed over to the Willowbrook mall for some poutine and other mall food. I unknowingly selected a table directly behind the Clarks. The wall was very tall, so there was no way I would have known. Before lunch was over, Brady and Cristin dropped by, and we chatted for a bit.

Emily and Jake finally made it over the border, and we dropped Gabrielle back off at Langley. Emily had scheduled some practice ice at Richmond for 4 pm.

Beth, Sara and I then headed towards Surrey, to check out their Winterfest. Their outdoor curling was not exactly what we expected, but still fun to try. The fake 'ice' was very dirty, and the rollers on the rocks didn't exactly work unless you hucked the rocks all the way down the other side.

Before we left, we dropped by the liquor store. I got a funny Scotch blend called "The Peat Monster" for Jeremy. I was sad that he was unable to come up with us, still being on the sick side. On the outside of the store, there was these interesting penis shaped bottles. Not sure what was in them. Too scared to ask.

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