Monday, May 26, 2008

A weekend of beagles and Mai Tais.

Jeremy and I went to Bellingham to visit his cousins this weekend.

We started off by picking up Jeff at his house. I was taken on the grand tour. Gravity raced ahead of me, sniffing every corner.

We then went to Brian and Heather's to see if they wanted to have lunch. The original plan was to have potato burritos for lunch, but there was the big Ski to Sea race Memorial Day Weekend. Instead, we had philly steak subs at Davinci's.

After lunch, Jeremy helped Brian put up the fencing in their front yard, so their beagle Jessie would have a larger area to play in. Heather and I went shopping for Mai Tai supplies, dinner, and one other item for the fencing. We also made a side trip to the dog store and came away with dog treats and toys for 'the girls'.

Before dinner, Heather and I took our beagles for a nice long walk. The weather was just gorgeous.

Jeremy and Brian finished putting up the picket fence just after 8 pm. We had a late dinner of New York Steaks.

Sunday, the boys finished attempting to beagle proof the fence. Jessie and Gravity were let loose! Jessie found a hole and managed to slip into the neighbors yard. A temporary fix was inserted, and that ended the escape route.

It was also the day of the nail massacre. Brian clipped both Gravity and Jessie's nails. Poor Jessie. Brian clipped too far on 3 of her nails. Not sure how she'll react next time he tries to clip her nails.

We came home last night after a dinner of bratwurst and sauerkraut. Gravity was so exhausted, she slept all the way home.

Today was a day of housework and art. I woke up and completed 2 loads of laundry, got the grocery shopping for dinner completed, and the garbage taken out. I them went to my friend Maya's to work on my charms for an upcoming grunge charm swap. I came home, started another load of laundry, mowed the lawn, pulled some weeds for an hour.

Yay, for being industrious!


dogfaeriex5 said...

sounds like a great weekend and i love those beagle faces!!

sanae said...

Gravity and Jessie are gorgeous! Thanks for the comment Cyndy - I'll definitely check out the Alisa Burke link. Take care!