Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Artfest 2007

Stardate 19.9.2006

This is my first blog entry, after having met one of my roomies online for Artfest 2007.

I just got my class list back. I got one of my first choices, and two of my second choice classes. Thursday's class will be with Traci Bautista, "The Graffiti Bouquet." While I am excited to take that class, the one I really wanted the most was Susan Lenart Kazmer's "Resins: Creating Transparent Pages." Although, she has an article in the current Somerset Magazine, so maybe I'll be able to do them on my own. For Friday, I have Anahata Katkin's "Creative Instinct", and on Saturday I have "Book of Hours : Metal Purse and Journal." If you are interested in checking out the website, the link for Artfest is http://www.teeshaslandofodd.com/Artfest07/info.html. This will be my 2nd year at Artfest.

I hate having to wait over 6 months for classes though. Its pretty crazy. Even college only made you wait a couple of months after registering. I'll probably spend the next couple of weeks figuring out what to make for trades, and the procrastinate until the week before it starts.

Time for a nap. I'm not feeling well, after a weekend visiting my husband's family in Bellingham.

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