Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thumbs down on Nordstrom same day delivery service.

Well, I attempted to use Nordstrom's same day delivery service on a pair of shoes to wear to a friends wedding.

I ordered well before the 1 pm EST deadline.

I saw my order pop up in my email account. It accidentally went to my home address instead of my work address. I tried a live chat with a customer service rep, to see if I had time to change it.

For whatever reason, they showed that my order was cancelled. Well, I certainly didn't cancel it. Nor did I receive an email notification telling me my oder was cancelled.

Fine. I'll wear them to the holiday part on Friday. Well its 4 pm the day before the party. My shoes still aren't here, and they say they are out for delivery. Live chatting with yet another customer service representative.

She says that my shoes are available for pick up at the downtown store. WTF?!!! I paid $15 for same day shipping.

Nordstrom, your same day delivery failed for me twice on the same product.  I'll be using Zappos Online from now on.


Jackie Champion said...

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Fran Lee said...

Thank you for sharing. Did you know that the USPS has announced they will no longer be able to provide next day service? Luckily I called same day delivery Boston. I will have to let family and friends in the area know about your great services!

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