Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Practice in Richmond!

More curling practice in Richmond last Saturday. And wouldn't you know it? Em and I finally managed to score some Dim Sum after 3 prior visits, and the Chinese men's national team was practicing. Almost deja vu, but not quite.

Em and I saw the guys on the way in and said Hello. While we were practicing, Beth's partner Amber was watching in the warm room. An hour into it, the Chinese men's team grabbed seats at the same table and were watching. As Amber said, "I might not understand what language they were speaking, but I definitely understood what they were talking about." LOL.

Here's a photo of us with them last about the same time last year.

A photo of Em walking by the Chinese men's team. I'm still curious to know if they recognize us from last year, or if they were just checking us out.

A photo from after our lesson. Watching them practice while Em is shopping.

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