Sunday, September 05, 2010

Finally! Beth's surprise birthday party come and gone!

I say finally! because the cat is now out of the bag! No more worrying about spoiling the surprise. Including Beth on the wrong email thread. Phew. So difficult for me.

The party was hosted at the winery The Convergence Zone in Woodinville. They had a white wine that I really enjoyed. The food that was served was from a little Indian restaurant called Mayuri in Bellevue. Noms.

Jen and Em made the desserts. Jen made a strawberry rhubarb pie. Em made a yellow cake with chocolate frosting and a 'crack' pie. The 'crack' pie was kind of like a butterscotch bar of sorts.

Yay! I got to debut the kitty cat apron I made for her as well. No more surprises. Surprises are hard on the gifter as well as the giftee. LOL.

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