Thursday, April 01, 2010

Curling season is almost over!

So close to being over.

Last night was the last women's league draw. My team won "crystal" in the A bracket. We played with three, as my skip had an emergency at work. We were ahead going into the 6th end. I turned around after delivering my first rock to find that the Lead of the other team had fallen. She had cracked her noggin a good one, but was refusing medical assistance. She was escorted into the warm room area. We finished the end and with her teammates distracted we scored two.

Our team decided it just wasn't right, and offered to shake, split the points with a tie. To play when the other team is distracted over a team mate just isn't in the spirit of curling. However the league manager said because the game affected other standings we weren't allowed to tie. I am still disappointed about this decision.

I've got one more league game to play on the Sunday Mixed League. This game is also for crystal. We would have played last Sunday, however the Clark rink was busy winning the Mixed Nationals title for the 7th time in 9 years.

I have 4 bonspiels across three weekends in April left. Two weekends from now, I am playing in the Seattle April Spiel. The following weekend I'll be in Texas for the Texas Open Spiel. The weekend after that, I'm the 5th man for the San Francisco PIC team. However, I ended up being over committed and will be coming back the same weekend to play in the Last Chance spiel with my hubby Jer and my coworker Alex.

Busy times.

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