Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Holidays

I've had a pretty good holiday weekend.

Friday morning I took Gravity for a short walk before heading to Anacortes for a holiday brunch at Jeremy's aunt and uncle's. Gravity managed to briefly tag a Red Breasted Sapsucker. This particular bird is in the woodpecker family. First time I've ever seen one of these birds locally. Gravity did not kill it, but did manage to stun it.

We had a fun time hanging out with Jeremy's relatives. Gravity got a chance to hang out with her beagle cousin Jessie.

We left a little late to head to my family's holiday dinner in Sammamish. There was tasty food here and a game of mahjong in one corner of the house, and bingo in another corner.

Saturday, Jeremy headed up to Bellingham to hang out with his cousin Jeff. I stayed home, went shopping for our women's team curling jackets, went to the curling club and did a little bartending.

Today I caught the 2nd half of the juniors game and then had a little curling practice with my women's team. A pretty good weekend.

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