Monday, September 28, 2009

Busy as a bee.

I've been going non stop since Jeremy left for his vacation with his sister Ali.

Friday I dropped him off at the airport at 5:30 am. I went to work and walked Gravity like usual. Then I went home for a brief moment and then high tailed it to the Seattle Granite Curling Club to help out with the open house.

One of my new coworkers Alex came by and brought several of his friends. Two contractors that have worked with the company, James and Erin came by with their significant others. Beth and I instructed them on sheet 3, and then we got a game going. Because the first few open houses were slow, we got in a couple of hours of fun.

I didn't get to sleep until just after midnight, and then turned around and woke up at 6:30 am on Saturday so I could take Gravity to doggie daycare. My friend Maya and I then drove up to Richmond for some Dim Sum at the Empire Seafood Restaurant. It was sooo tasty.

We went across the street to the Bay and tried some clothes on. Then we looked around for the Asian mall we stumbled across the last time we visited, and were unable to find it.

Runnin a little late, we headed towards the Langley Curling Club. Their Saturday open league had just started, and the person that was running the office/store was playing. We settled in for an hour and a half wait. Misfortune struck Allison's team, and a player that was late and didn't have time to stretch, pulled a muscle with her first rock. Maya, being the awesome friend that she was, let me sub. Larry the weekend ice maker was kind enough to keep Maya company. I believe I was called crazy for driving 2 1/2 hours for Dim Sum and practice ice.

One of the opposite team's players was Jackie A's cousin. I recognized several other people on other sheets from the Langley Novice Spiel. Allison said I was famous. One of the guys on the other sheet had said to her, "What are you doing letting her play? Her team beat the crap out of us at the novice spiel!"

We crossed the border at 9 pm, and got home around 11 pm. I spent some of that time being worried about Jeremy and Alison due to some text messages that I had received.

Sunday, I was woken up at 7 am with a text message letting me know more or less that all was well. I tidied up a little and then headed over to the club for women's practice.

After women's practice, I got in a short call to the hubby to see how he was doing. I then headed to my mom's house, where she cooked up some live prawns - last of this season's prawns. I got a wonderful nap in the sun. I took 4 bags of books home with me. I've still got a little bit of stuff at my mom's.

We then drove to Joy Palace to have dinner with my Grandma, my aunts and cousins (Mayme, Sue, Cindy, Chuck, and Austin). I didn't eat much because I was still full from lunch. I was there mainly to socialize and see Poi Poi.

By 7 pm I was headed home. The dog then proceeded to keep me up late.

Today has been work, lunch with Peter S, and then a bunch of errands and practice. I mowed the back yard, picked the last of the tomatoes, did a load of laundry, took a shower, washed dishes, and returned books to the library before leaving for practice.
Very tired now and getting some sleep.

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